Godfrey – Elden Ring Wallpaper in 4K for mobile and desktop

Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and Hoarah Loux, the Warrior, are a formidable two-phase Legend Boss in . Godfrey, once known as Hoarah Loux, held the esteemed position of Queen Marika's first consort, becoming the inaugural Elden Lord of the mystical realm known as the Lands Between. Download this Godfrey wallpaper in 4K, suitable for desktop, tablets and mobile phones (smartphones).

Download Godfrey in Wallpaper in 4K :

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About Godfrey :

In his earlier days, Hoarah Loux was a renowned chieftain in the treacherous badlands, where he gained a fearsome reputation as a bloodthirsty warrior. However, upon assuming the role of an Elden Lord, he took on the name Godfrey and made a solemn commitment to restrain his violent impulses. To suppress his inner turmoil, Godfrey accepted the burden of carrying the Beast Regent Serosh upon his back.

Having endured countless battles and conflicts, Godfrey and his loyal warriors faced a tragic turn of events. Queen Marika, in her wisdom, stripped them of their divine grace, branding them as the first Tarnished. This act left Godfrey and his comrades bereft of their former power and bestowed upon them a tarnished existence.

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